I feel betrayed. genkkaku is secretly Christian Bale and he never told me. You asshole. I’m hurt. And here I was scraping up money for a seadoo so I could jetski to Australia.

I feel like you have mistaken me for a much prettier English gentleman.. Not that that’s a bad thing at all..

Also with our shark I feared waters you’d have an easier time jetski-one through the Bermuda Triangle

See, that’s exactly what I feel Christian Bale would say.

I feel he’d say something like “u fukin wot m8! U fink u no me? Me!”

And then run away in to the night..

Stuck at work..

I was supposed to finish a whole ago and I won’t finish for a good whole, because the really awesome new projector system that got put in is being super rad and making much job so much more easy and fun…. …. Yeah..

So annoy me with fun questions to keep me occupied before I start kicking these infernal machines..